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You Can't Take it With You: Common-Sense Estate Planning for Canadians 5th ed


The first comprehensive estate planning book for Canadians now in its fifth edition, You Can't Take It With You: Common Sense Estate Planning for Canadians — the book Canadians respect.

Estate Planning Workbook


The Estate Planning Workbook, by Sandra Foster, author of the national best-selling book You Can’t Take It With You, is full of checklists, worksheets, and sample documents, to help you record and organize your documents and wishes.
Once your Workbook is complete, it will be easier for your executor, representatives and powers of attorney to locate your personal and financial documents to carry out your instructions.

Buying and Selling a Book of Business 2nd ed.


Sandra Foster's book on buying and selling an advisory practice helps financial advisors and planners value a business and understand the critical success factors involved. 

The book covers: 
 How do I prepare my business to get the top price? How to evaluate an existing practice and negotiate the deal and finalize the agreements.  How might my firm be able to help?  The keys to maximize client/asset retention.  Filled with tips, essential checklists, sample documents, and much more. Updated and available late January 2013.

Who's Minding Your Money?


Canadians may be wealthier but they are also more dissatisfied and disillusioned about the financial industry and advice they're receiving.  Many investors are firing their brokers and turning to the Internet where they can do their own on-line trading on line.  Questions remain.  Do you only need to pick the right investments? How different is a financial plan from an investment plan? What does a real financial plan do? Are Canadians asking the right questions and making the right decisions to be financially successful?

Who's Minding Your Money? tackles these questions and many more.

Make The Most of What You've Got


Make the Most of What You’ve Got does for retirement Income what You Can’t Take It With You did for estate planning.

It provides easy-to-understand information on a complex subject to help you maximize your income and minimize tax. It explains what to do with your nest egg after you retire, ways to invest it, and how to make sure it will last you through the rest of your life.  You have worked hard all your life, and should enjoy the same quality of life in retirement, as you have become accustomed to, without worries.

Partez l'esprit en Paix


The French version of the National Bestseller "You Can't Take it With You: The Common- Sense Guide to Estate Planning for Canadians.

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