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Management Consulting and Coaching with Sandra Foster businesses and individuals.

Employee Education, Literacy and Benefit Programs with money management, retirement readiness and estate and tax planning presentations, written materials and tools originally based on Sandra Foster's national best-selling books You Can't Take It With You, Make the Most of What You've Got and Who's Minding Your Money.  Group and individual consultations available. 

Keynote Presentations/Workshops

Our keynote presentations and workshops bring Sandra Foster’s insights into today’s financial challenges for Canadians, their employers and advisors.  We work with you to custom tailor the presentations to your needs.

Topics include:
·  Buying or Selling a Financial Advisory Practice
·  Adapting to the Changing Regulatory Environment
· Creating Value for You and Your Clients 

Personal Financial Consultations

Sandra Foster offers personal financial consultations to individual Canadians on an hourly rate (she does not sell any investment or insurance products). 

Consulting Services for Financial Advisors and Financial Planners

Headspring Consulting Inc. offers consulting services and advice for firms and financial advisors and planners who are looking at buying or selling a practice. Sandra Foster also offers discrete financial advice for financial professionals.

Customized Communications

Sandra Foster and her team can provide original performance, productions, webinars, articles and adaptations your internal and external communications to help you develop programs for your needs.

*Headspring Consulting Inc. and
Sandra Foster do
not sell investment or insurance products.
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